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Democratic National Convention Resource Guide & Media Toolkit

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What is a blog? A stripped-down, interactive website through which the owner enters his/her ideas or observation, and visitors can respond.
So, either create your own blog and we'll link it into We The People, Rule!  Or, if your wish, use WTPR's Blog and see who responds.  Optionally if you have a "library" of articles, published on the web, which you wish to have crosslinked, we will crosslink to them if they are appropriate to the goals of providing a worldwide resource for responsible thought.
What a eemarkable country we have; freedom of speech is so much a part of our national character that most people can't appreciate it, or understand the POWER of one voice.  Yet, many of the great movements throughout history have occurred due the PASSION OF ONE!
For example: It is well recognized that the driving force behind the Revolution was Samual Adams who convince John Hancock to follow and finance his "revolutionary" idea. And as is said... "the rest is history!"

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