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Here's Boston!
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Here's Boston!
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Frankly, Betsy...
Our Past Has Been Downright Revolting!
The Right City To Host This Century's
First Political National Convention



History abounds in all port cities of "The Colonies," which later became part of the fledgling United States. But, make no mistake; there is but one area where

It is Boston and the 'Burbs:
Scene 1 / Take 1 of the reality epoch
"The American Revolution."

The Boston Tea Party... The Boston Massacre... The North Church... Paul Revere's Ride... and The Battle for Bunker Hill are but a few of the sites upon which this nation's history, lore, and psyche are founded. "Taxation Without Representation Is Tyranny!" is just one of the Colonial slogans in which our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights and subsequent "revolutionary" documents / legislations are rooted.

It is the business of Tourist & Convention Bureaus, or Chambers of Commerce to sell their regions' history to attract tourism.

However, in Boston, The 'Burbs, and Region, no salesmanship is required. There are so many sites which are the footings of the American Revolution; it is without exaggeration that we advise you to "Watch Your Step!" And, absorb the history as you create two more historical events... The first national political convention of the 21st century... And, Boston's first ever national convention.

So, without further words for a city that needs no introduction...
Here's Boston!

"The Shot That Was Heard
Around The World"
The American Revolution